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Provider Responsibilities

Role of the Medical Home

A Medical Home provides our members with the right care at the right time in a way that best meets their healthcare needs. At a Medical Home members can:

  • Get help from their doctor about their care.
  • Get coordinated care and support.
  • Improve their health and increase satisfaction in their care.
  • Get a referral to see a specialist. They can also discuss and evaluate care plans provided by a specialist.
  • Discuss their health history.
  • Get help with understanding how to take their medicines.
  • Get help with following and meeting their doctor's care plan and goals.
  • Receive resources and support to make decisions about their health care needs.

Role of a Dental Home

A Dental Home serves as the member's Primary Care Dentist (PCD) for all of their oral health care. The PCD has an ongoing relationship with that member to provide comprehensive, accessible, coordinated and family-centered care. The PCD also makes referrals to dental specialists when needed. Federally Qualified Health Centers, general dentists and pediatric dentists can serve as main dental homes.

Role of a Behavioral Health Home (BHH)

A Behavioral Health Home (BHH) works with you and all of your doctors to make sure you get the care you need. Your BHH will coordinate your healthcare. This includes your medical and behavioral health services. Your BHH does not need to provide all the services you need. They need to make sure you are connected to all the services you need.