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Authorization for Chemotherapy or Radiation Cancer Treatment/New Century Health

New Century Health Authorization Link – We are pleased to announce our collaboration with New Century Health (NCH) as the administrator of the Peach State Health Plan Oncology Quality Management program.

Beginning on February 1, 2021, all oncology-related medical and radiation treatments and supportive care will now be submitted to NCH for prior authorization review. All treatment plans will be reviewed using nationally recognized evidence-based guidelines and peer discussions attempted prior to recommending an adverse decision to the health plan.

We hope you will find value in the NCH partnership:

  • Ability to confirm member eligibility through the NCH portal prior to entering a treatment plan
  • Telephonic Intake available for submitting treatment plans, if needed
  • More oncology physicians on staff to answer your questions
  • Real-time authorizations issued for approvable treatment plans
  • Dedicated NCH Provider Network Manager to use as a direct point-of-contact for any issues or questions


Q: Who should obtain prior authorization?

A: The physician organization ordering chemotherapeutic drugs, supporting agents or radiation oncology for the treatment of cancer or related hematologic diseases must request prior authorization through New Century Health.

Q: How do I obtain prior authorization?

A: Submit chemotherapy and radiation oncology requests to New Century Health via the following methods:

  • Log into New Century Health’s provider web portal at
  • Contact New Century Health’s Utilization Management Intake Department at
    1-888-999-7713, Option 1, Monday through Friday (8 a.m.-8 p.m. EST)

Q: How can a physician’s office request training for this program?

A: A NCH Provider Network Manager can schedule an introductory meeting and training. To request training, you may contact NCH at 1-888-999-7713, Option 6 or Self-register online at