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Provider Relations Territory List

The Engagement Team/Provider Performance Team has been formed to provide education to providers on HEDIS and Risk Adjustment requirements and results related to the Quality Incentive Program. Contact the Provider Performance team for assistance with:

  • HEDIS measure education
  • Resources available to support HEDIS gap closure in your office
  • Education on the improved reporting and accessibility of data through new reporting tools. (i.e. Provider Analytics, Patient Analytics and Availity)
  • Incentive Programs

1100 Circle 75 Parkway
Suite 1100
Atlanta, Georgia 30339
Main: 678-556-2300

577 Mulberry Street
5th Floor, Suite 580
Macon, Georgia 31202
Main: 478-738-8540

Meredyth Drive
Suite B
Albany, Georgia 31707
Main: 229-430-5829

Provider Relations Territory List

Servicing and Operations

The Servicing and Operations team will offer assistance with:

  • Provider Education and Orientation
  • Roster Panel Management
  • Claim Issue Resolution
  • PDM Issue Resolution 
  • PCMH
  • Telehealth
  • Provider Relations Training
Servicing and Operations Regional Managers
Region Manager
Central, North and FQHCs Statewide Diane Conner
Southwest, Southeast & East Carol Jackson

Gretser Rush

Atlanta Key Accounts Blanca Rodriguez-Russell
Servicing and Operations
County Provider Relations Representative Telephone Email Address
APPLING Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
AUBURN, AL Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
BACON Open Open
BAKER Open Open
BALDWIN Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
BANKS Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
BARROW Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
BARTOW Nicole Keyser 678-556-2307
BEN HILL Open Open
BIBB Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
BLECKLEY Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
BRANTLEY Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
BROOKS Open Open
BRYAN Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
BULLOCH Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
BURKE Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
BUTTS Alexia Duany 678-202-3864
CAMDEN Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
CANDLER Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
CARROLL Nicole Keyser 678-556-2307
CATOOSA Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
CHATHAM Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
CHATTAHOOCHEE Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
CHATTOOGA Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
CHEROKEE Nicole Keyser 678-556-2307
CLARKE Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
CLAY Open Open
CLAYTON Alexia Duany 678-202-3864
CLINCH Open Open
COBB Nicole Keyser 678-556-2307
COFFEE Open Open
COLUMBIA Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
COOK Open Open
COWETA Alexia Duany 678-202-3864
CRAWFORD Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
CRISP Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
DADE Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
DAWSON Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
DEKALB Alexia Duany 678-202-3864
DODGE Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
DOOLY Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
DOUGLAS Nicole Keyser 678-556-2307
DOTHAN, AL Open Open
EARLY Open Open
ECHOLS Open Open
EFFINGHAM Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
ELBERT Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
EMANUEL Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
EVANS Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
FANNIN Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
FAYETTE Alexia Duany 678-202-3864
FLOYD Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
FORSYTH Nicole Keyser 678-556-2307
FRANKLIN Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
FULTON (NORTH) Nicole Keyser 678-556-2307
FULTON (SOUTH) Alexia Duany 678-202-3864
GILMER Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
GLASCOCK Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
GLYNN Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
GORDON Brandi Gordon 678-340-7070
GRADY Open Open
GREENE Brandi Gordon 678-340-7070
GWINNETT Lisa Bender 678-556-2300 Ext 62519
HABERSHAM Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
HALL Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
HANCOCK Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
HARALSON Lisa Bender 678-556-2300 Ext 62519
HARRIS Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
HART Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
HEARD Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
HENRY Alexia Duany 678-202-3864
HOUSTON Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
IRWIN Open Open
JACKSON Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
JASPER Alexia Duany 678-202-3864
JEFFERSON Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
JENKINS Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
JOHNSON Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
JONES Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
LAMAR Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
LANIER Open Open
LAURENS Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
LEE Open Open
LIBERTY Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
LINCOLN Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
LONG Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
LUMPKIN Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
MACON Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
MADISON Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
MARION Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
MCDUFFIE Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
MCINTOSH Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
MERIWETHER Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
MILLER Open Open
MONROE Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
MONTGOMERY Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
MORGAN Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
MURRAY Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
MUSCOGEE Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
NEWTON Lisa Bender 678-556-2300 Ext 62519
OCONEE Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
OGLETHORPE Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
PAULDING Lisa Bender 678-556-2300 Ext 62519
PEACH Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
PHOENIX CITY, AL Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
PICKENS Nicole Keyser 678-556-2307
PIERCE Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
PIKE Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
POLK Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
PULASKI Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
PUTNAM Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
RABUN Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
RICHMOND Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
ROCKDALE Lisa Bender 678-556-2300 Ext 62519
SCHLEY Open Open
SCREVEN Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
SMITH STATION, AL Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
SPALDING Alexia Duany 678-202-3864
STEPHENS Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
STEWART Carmen Pendley 770-370-4510
SUMTER Carmen Pendley 770-370-4510
TALBOT Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
TALIAFERRO Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
TATTNALL Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
TAYLOR Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
TELFAIR Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
THOMAS Open Open
TIFT Open Open
TOOMBS Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
TOWNS Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
TREUTLEN Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
TROUP Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
TURNER Open Open
TWIGGS Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
UNION Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
UPSON Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
WALKER Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
WALTON Lisa Bender 678-556-2300 Ext 62519
WARE Open Open
WARREN Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
WASHINGTON Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
WAYNE Akia Braxton 678-206-8425
WHEELER Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
WHITE Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
WHITFIELD Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
WILCOX Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
WILKES Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
WILKINSON Tamika Bonadie 678-556-2341
WORTH Carmen Pendley 770-370-4510



Brandi Gordon 706-340-7070
County Provider Relations Rep Telephone Email Address
FQHC Lashonda Oglesby 478-257-5709
Atlanta Key Account Team
Key Account Provider Relations Rep Telephone Email Address
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) Johirah Morato 678-202-3839
DeKalb PHO Carmen Mitchell 678-556-6269
Emory Healthcare Carmen Mitchell 678-556-6269
Grady Johirah Morato 678-202-3839
Gwinnett Family Jenese Shields 678-556-2478
Gwinnett PHO Jenese Shields 678-556-2478
Northside Health Systems & Physicians Jenese Shields  678-556-2478
Piedmont Health System Christina Shirley  404-450-4208
Wellstar Christina Shirley 404-450-4208
Coordinator Team
Region Coordinator Telephone Email Address
Atlanta - Supervisor Lucretia Bell 770-370-4445
Atlanta Nicole Griffin 678-556-2300 Ext. 62209
Atlanta Kandris Thrower 678-556-2437
Atlanta William Lewis  678-556-2300
Southern Region Ginger Lee 229-430-5835
North Demetria Jones 770-370-4496
Central Demetria Jones 770-370-4496
Pharmacy Team
Region Representative Telephone Email Address
Statewide Daniel Scott 678-556-2491
Statewide Elizabeth Brawner  770-543-8791

Engagement Team

The Engagement team will offer assistance with: 

  • HEDIS Feet On Street Engagement Team
  • Educate Providers on HEDIS and Risk-Adjustment Requirements
  • Drive Targeted Measures and Member Outcomes
  • Results Accountability: 75th and 90th Percentile
  • Manage provider education and results related to Quality Incentive Program
Engagement Team Regional Managers
Region Manager
Statewide Jeff West
FQHC Tracie Atkinson
Engagement Team
County Representative Telephone Email Address
APPLING Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
ATKINSON Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
BACON Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
BAKER Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
BALDWIN Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
BANKS Open Open Open
BARROW Open Open Open
BARTOW Brittany Osborne 470-370-2793
BEN HILL Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
BERRIEN Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
BIBB Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
BLECKLEY Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
BRANTLEY Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
BROOKS Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
BRYAN Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
BULLOCH Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
BURKE Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
BUTTS Errol Wade 770-743-3216
CALHOUN Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
CAMDEN Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
CANDLER Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
CARROLL Brittany Osborne 470-370-2793
CATOOSA Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
CHARLTON Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
CHATHAM Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
CHATTAHOOCHEE Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
CHATTOOGA Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
CHEROKEE Brittany Osborne 470-370-2793
CLARKE Open Open Open
CLAY Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
CLAYTON Errol Wade 770-743-3216
CLINCH Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
COBB Brittany Osborne 470-370-2793
COFFEE Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
COLQUITT Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
COLUMBIA Open 478-257-5704
COOK Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
COWETA Errol Wade 770-743-3216
CRAWFORD Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
CRISP Leigh Hall 22-430-5848
DADE Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
DAWSON Open Open Open
DECATUR Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
DEKALB Open Open Open
DODGE Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
DOOLY Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
DOUGHERTY Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
DOUGLAS Brittany Osborne 470-370-2793
DOTHAN, AL Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
EARLY Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
ECHOLS Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
EFFINGHAM Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
ELBERT Open Open Open
EMANUEL Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
EUFAULA, AL Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
EVANS Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
FANNIN Open Open Open
FAYETTE Errol Wade 770-743-3216
FLOYD Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
FORSYTH Lisa Bender 478-278-1955
FRANKLIN Open Open Open
FULTON (NORTH) Brittany Osborne 470-370-2793
FULTON (SOUTH) Errol Wade 770-743-3216
GILMER Open Open Open
GLASCOCK Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
GLYNN Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
GORDON Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
GRADY Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
GREENE Open Open Open
GWINNETT Open Open Open
HABERSHAM Open Open Open
HALL Open Open Open
HANCOCK Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
HARALSON Brittany Osborne 470-370-2793
HARRIS Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
HART Open Open Open
HEARD Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
HENRY Errol Wade 770-743-3216
HOUSTON Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
IRWIN Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
JACKSON Open Open Open
JASPER Errol Wade 770-743-3216
JEFF DAVIS Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
JEFFERSON Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
JENKINS Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
JOHNSON Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
JONES Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
LAMAR Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
LANIER Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
LAURENS Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
LEE Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
LIBERTY Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
LINCOLN Open Open Open
LONG Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
LOWNDES Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
LUMPKIN Open Open Open
MACON Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
MADISON Open Open Open
MARION Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
MCDUFFIE Open Open Open
MCINTOSH Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
MILLER Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
MITCHELL Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
MONROE Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
MONTGOMERY Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
MORGAN Open Open Open
MURRAY Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
MUSCOGEE Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
NEWTON Open Open Open
OCONEE Open Open Open
PAULDING Brittany Osborne 470-370-2793
PEACH Open Open Open
PICKENS Brittany Osborne 470-370-2793
PIERCE Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
PIKE Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
POLK Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
PULASKI Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
PUTNAM Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
QUITMAN Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
RABUN Open Open Open
RANDOLPH Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
RICHMOND Open Open Open
ROCKDALE Open Open Open
SCHLEY Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
SCREVEN Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
SEMINOLE Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
SPALDING Errol Wade 770-743-3216
STEPHENS Open Open Open
STEWART Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
SUMTER Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
TALBOT Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
TATTNALL Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
TAYLOR Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
TELFAIR Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5407
TERRELL Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
THOMAS Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
TIFT Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
TOOMBS Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
TOWNS Open Open Open
TREUTLEN Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
TROUP Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
TURNER Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
TWIGGS Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
UNION Open Open Open
UPSON Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
WALKER Heidi Mason-Sotomayor 470-889-9380
WALTON Open Open Open
WARE Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
WARREN Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
WASHINGTON Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
WAYNE Wendi Redding 770-370-4539
WEBSTER Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
WHEELER Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
WHITE Open Open Open
WHITFIELD Open Open Open
WILCOX Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
WILKES Open Open Open
WILKINSON Jennifer Worsham 478-257-5704
WORTH Leigh Hall 229-430-5848
County Representative Telephone Email Address
APPLING Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
ATKINSON Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
BACON Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
BAKER Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
BALDWIN Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
BANKS Erica Baker 470.233.3849
BARROW Erica Baker 470.233.3849
BARTOW Erica Baker 470.233.3849
BEN HILL Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
BERRIEN Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
BIBB Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
BLECKLEY Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
BRANTLEY Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
BROOKS Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
BULLOCH Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
BURKE Erica Baker 470.233.3849
BUTTS Erica Baker 470.233.3849
CALHOUN Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
CAMDEN Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
CANDLER Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
CARROLL Erica Baker 470.233.3849
CATOOSA Erica Baker 470.233.3849
CHARLTON Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
CHATHAM Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
CHATTAHOOCHEE Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
CHATTOOGA Erica Baker 470.233.3849
CHEROKEE Erica Baker 470.233.3849
CLARKE Erica Baker 470.233.3849
CLAY Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
CLAYTON Erica Baker 470.233.3849
COBB Erica Baker 470.233.3849
COFFEE Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
COLUMBIA Erica Baker 470.233.3849
COWETA Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
CRISP Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
DADE Erica Baker 470.233.3849
DAWSON Erica Baker 470.233.3849
DECATUR Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
DEKALB Erica Baker 470.233.3849
DODGE Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
DOUGHERTY Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
DOUGLAS Erica Baker 470.233.3849
EARLY Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
ELBERT Erica Baker 470.233.3849
EMANUEL Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
FANNIN Erica Baker 470.233.3849
FAYETTE Erica Baker 470.233.3849
FLOYD Erica Baker 470.233.3849
FORSYTH Erica Baker 470.233.3849
FRANKLIN Erica Baker 470.233.3849
FULTON Erica Baker 470.233.3849
GILMER Erica Baker 470.233.3849
GLASCOCK Erica Baker 470.233.3849
GLYNN Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
GORDON Erica Baker 470.233.3849
GREENE Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
GWINNETT Erica Baker 470.233.3849
HABERSHAM Erica Baker 470.233.3849
HALL Erica Baker 470.233.3849
HANCOCK Erica Baker 470.233.3849
HARALSON Erica Baker 470.233.3849
HARRIS Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
HART Erica Baker 470.233.3849
HENRY Erica Baker 470.233.3849
HOUSTON Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
IRWIN Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
JACKSON Erica Baker 470.233.3849
JASPER Erica Baker 470.233.3849
JOHNSON Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
JONES Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
LAMAR Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
LAURENS Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
LEE Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
LIBERTY Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
LINCOLN Erica Baker 470.233.3849
LONG Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
LUMPKIN Erica Baker 470.233.3849
MACON Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
MADISON Erica Baker 470.233.3849
MCDUFFIE Erica Baker 470.233.3849
MERIWETHER Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
MONTGOMERY Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
MORGAN Erica Baker 470.233.3849
MURRAY Erica Baker 470.233.3849
MUSCOGEE Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
NEWTON Erica Baker 470.233.3849
OCONEE Erica Baker 470.233.3849
OGLETHORPE Erica Baker 470.233.3849
PAULDING Erica Baker 470.233.3849
PEACH Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
PICKENS Erica Baker 470.233.3849
PIKE Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
PULASKI Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
PUTNAM Erica Baker 470.233.3849
QUITMAN Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
RABUN Erica Baker 470.233.3849
RANDOLPH Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
RICHMOND Erica Baker 470.233.3849
SCHLEY Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
SPALDING Erica Baker 470.233.3849
STEPHENS Erica Baker 470.233.3849
STEWART Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
SUMTER Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
TALBOT Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
TALIAFERRO Erica Baker 470.233.3849
TATTNALL Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
TAYLOR Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
TELFAIR Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
TERRELL Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
THOMAS Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
TIFT Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
TOOMBS Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
TOWNS Erica Baker 470.233.3849
TREUTLEN Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
TURNER Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
TWIGGS Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
UNION Erica Baker 470.233.3849
UPSON Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
WALKER Erica Baker 470.233.3849
WALTON Erica Baker 470.233.3849
WARE Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
WARREN Erica Baker 470.233.3849
WASHINGTON Erica Baker 470.233.3849
WHITE Erica Baker 470.233.3849
WHITFIELD Erica Baker 470.233.3849
WILCOX Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544
WILKES Erica Baker 470.233.3849
WILKINSON Joanna Byrd 770-370-4544