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Provider Responsibilities

Primary Care Provider (PCP)

The primary care provider (PCP) is the cornerstone of Peach State Health Plan. The PCP serves as the "medical home" for the member. The "medical home" concept assists in establishing a member-provider relationship and ultimately better health outcomes. The PCP is required to adhere to the responsibilities outlined in the Peach State Health Plan Provider Manual. To learn more about these responsibilities review the Provider Responsibilities section in the manual

Role of a Dental Home

A dental home serves as the member's primary care dentist (PCD) for all aspects of oral health care. The PCD has an ongoing relationship with the member to provide comprehensive, continually accessible, coordinated and family-centered care. The PCD also makes referrals to dental specialists when appropriate. Federally Qualified Health Centers, individuals who are general dentists, and pediatric dentists can serve as main dental homes.

The Dental Home is inclusive of all aspects of oral health and involves parents, the patient, dentists, dental professionals, and non-dental professionals. The Dental Home is the Primary Dental Provider who has accepted the responsibility for providing or coordinating the provision of all dental care services covered under Peach State Health Plan. To learn more about these responsibilities review the Dental Home section in the manual.

Role of a Behavioral Health Home

A Behavioral health home (BHH) is responsible for the integration and coordination of the individual’s health care (physical as well as behavioral health care services). Behavioral Health Services refers to covered services for the treatment of mental, emotional, or chemical dependency disorders. BHH providers do not need to provide all the services themselves, but must ensure that the full array of primary and behavioral health care services is available, integrated and coordinated. To learn more about these responsibilities review the Behavioral Health section in the manual.