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Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN)

The GaHIN is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the use and exchange of electronic health information all through the Network providing for safer, more timely and efficient patient-centered care. GaHIN is part of a public-private collaborative of healthcare stakeholders from around the state of Georgia, including Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) and the Georgia Health Information Technology Extension Center (GA-HITEC).

GaHIN’s mission is to close the patient information gap across all care settings by working with its stakeholders and vendors to electronically connect disparate systems and data sources.

The goals of GaHIN are to:

  • Improve patient-centered healthcare
  • Increase provider efficiency
  • Promote the health status of the state’s population

Patient Right to Opt Out

The GaHIN and participating healthcare Providers take patient privacy and the security of patient health data very seriously. GaHIN policies along with state and federal law require that they use the minimum amount of personal information to ensure they are providing the right information for the right person to the right healthcare Provider. HIPAA prohibits GaHIN members and affiliates from sharing a patient's health information for any purpose other than treatment, payment and healthcare operations without patient authorization, except in certain circumstances.

Although there are many advantages for sharing patient health data, patients can choose to opt out by completing the provider’s opt-out form. For patients who choose to opt out, no healthcare provider can share their electronic health record through the network. However, if the opt-out option was exercised previously and the patient changes their mind later, the patient can easily opt back into the network.

To start the registration process and learn more, visit the GaHIN website.