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The Start Smart for Your Baby program is for women who are pregnant and for moms who have just had a baby. At Peach State Health Plan, we believe a healthy pregnancy starts with good prenatal care, a healthy delivery and completing all post-partum visits. We not only care about our mothers, but we care about our babies, that is why we encourage mothers to schedule all appointments upon delivery and the importance of pediatric care.

Baby Showers Free Diapers, Baby Monitor, and Electric Breast Pump 

Peach State Health Plan hosts quarterly baby showers throughout the state to provide members with information on prenatal and post-delivery care. Members also have a chance to be a part of a raffle and win up to prizes in $300: Diapers, baby monitor, and electric breast pump.

Qualification Requirement

Active pregnant members and/or new moms.

How to Access Benefits

For more information about our VABS, please visit our website at and select the product or contact our Member Service Department at 1-800-704-1484.