Cultural Competency

Cultural competency within the Peach State Network is defined as “A set of interpersonal skills that allow individuals to increase their understanding, appreciation, acceptance, and respect for cultural differences and similarities within, among and between groups and the sensitivity to know how these differences influence relationships with members”.

Peach State is committed to the development, strengthening and sustaining of healthy provider/member relationships. Members are entitled to dignified, appropriate and quality care. When healthcare services are delivered without regard for cultural differences, members are at risk for sub-optimal care. Members may be unable or unwilling to communicate their healthcare needs in an insensitive environment, reducing effectiveness of the entire healthcare process.

Peach State as part of its credentialing and site visit process will evaluate the cultural competency level of its network providers and provide access to training and tool kits to assist provider’s in developing culturally competent and culturally proficient practices.

Cultural Competency Resources

Peach State Health Plan Cultural Competency Strategic Plan 2016

Cultural Competency Program 2015 Annual Evaluation

Cultural Competence Checklist

Interpreter & Translation Services PDF


Resource Materials

Peach State members receive printed information through mailings and during face-to-face contact. Peach State produces all vital materials in English and Spanish, and as requested, in additional languages and formats (e.g., Braille, large font and audio tapes).

Support Resources

Healthcare Quality and Disparities Data   

E-Learning Program: For additional information on developing and meeting cultural competency standards within your practice, please review A Physician’s Practical Guide to Culturally Competent Care at: program has been updated to include the new National CLAS Standards, more interactivity, and updated literature and references!