Premature Births

Premature Birth
A baby is preterm (preemie) if born before 37 weeks. It is the cause of many infant deaths and infant illnesses. Every pregnant woman needs to know about preterm labor and birth. They need to know why it happens and what they can do to help prevent it.

There are no easy answers to why preterm labor occurs. Some reasons are:

  • Stress
  • Personal health history
  • Infection
  • Smoking or drug use

Babies born early are at risk for serious problems. They may have long hospital stays. They can also have breathing trouble, eye problems and mental retardation. Preterm birth is not as uncommon as some may think.

  • Preterm birth occurs in up to 12% of all pregnancies
  • The chance of a future preterm birth is higher after the first preterm birth
  • The preterm birth rate has increased 27% since 1982

Peach State has programs and services to help you if you have had a preemie. The programs are

  • Start Smart for Your Baby
  • Footstep Forward
  • Prenatal Vitamin Program
What is 17-P?

17-P is a natural hormone made during pregnancy. When pregnant, large amounts are needed to make the uterine lining strong. Some studies have shown that weekly shots of 17-P reduces the risk of preterm delivery. It may also keep a high risk woman from delivering early. Only the patient’s doctor can determine if this is right for them. They can explain the risks and benefits.

The use of 17-P to help you help stop preterm delivery is endorsed by the American College of Gynecologists. Please remember with your next pregnancy to talk with your doctor. Find out if 17-P is right for you. We want you to “Start Smart” for your next baby!!!